The Future of Fundraising is Here!
The Future of Fundraising is Here!


1) There are many other engraved walkway companies. What makes Legacy Paving Stone unique?

We believe our company is superior because of our extensive automated ordering system, high level of customer service and support, monthly check distribution, our low pricing, no time limit or commitment for your campaign and the high quality of our high strength concrete pavers.


2) Do you offer secure online ordering?

Yes, we are Verisign Certified.

3) Do you require a minimum order?

No minimum order is required. 

4) How long will my order take to be processed?

Generally 4-6 weeks from the close of your campaign. If you are keeping your campaign open and want shipment throughout the campaign please notify your Account Executive.


5) Do you charge shipping?

Please refer to our shipping policy for details.


6) How many characters can be on each paver?

We have 4 basic packages and the number of characters will depend on the packages chosen by the organization. 


7) What are Basalite pavers?

Basalite pavers are high strength concrete interlocking pavers. Basalite pavers are rated at 8000 psi, whereas, average clay bricks are rated at 1500-3000 psi.


8) Are the pavers considered slip-resistant?

Basalite pavers are ANSI certified for wet and dry environment. They are rated for installation in “freeze/thaw” environments


9) Do you engrave exclusively on Basalite?

No, however our experience with Basalite pavers has prooved beneficial for the program, if your organization requires a different paver to be used, we can assess if our engraving methods will be applicable for your project.


10) Can your company engrave our existing bricks or pavers?

Legacy Paving Stone does not provide a mobile engraving service.


11) How do I calculate how many pavers I need for a project?

Your Account Executive is available to assist you.  


12) How do I determine how much installation material is needed?

A Licensed Contractor is best to assist  you with the materials needed for your project.


Installation and Maintenance:


13) Do I need to hire a professional installer?

Many organizations may find qualified people to install your pavers within their organization.  Otherwise, we recommend you utilize a Licensed Contractor to assist you.


14) Do I need to consider a building permit?

Every county has it's own regulations. We recommend that you check with your local government building department.


15) What installation materials will we need?

Your Licensed Contractor is best qualified to assist you with installation preparations.


16) Can I use the pavers on driveways?

Yes, pavers are great for driveways. They are rated up to 8000 psi.


17) Should the pavers be sealed? What type of sealer should be used?

We recommend sealing your pavers after installation.  Nova Tile & stone does offer a variety of sealers to suite your needs.


18) What type of cleaner should I use?

Avoid acidic cleaners or solvents. See Basalite website for their recommendations of cleaners for their products.


19) When should pavers be sealed?

Pavers should only be sealed after your installation is complete. If it is applied before installation, the sealer will be compromised by the installation process.