The Future of Fundraising is Here!
The Future of Fundraising is Here!


Fundraising Made Simple!

Legacy Paving Stone is a complete source for making your fundraiser Successful, Simple, and Profitable. Our program allows your organization to set its own price so you control how much money to raise for each paving stone. 

Fundraising through Legacy Paving Stone requires NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE from your organization!


Your personal Account Executive will answer all of your questions and help you plan and execute your fundraiser. No project is too big or too small.


Donors receive the physical recognition that they deserve for donating toward your campaign.


Improved aesthetics and property value while raising funds for your organization with no start-up costs for your organization.


Campaign customized to help your organization reach its goals.


Donor purchases customized paver directly via our website.  Organization receives a scheduled payment from Legacy Paving Stone for your profits earned.


Toll Free customer call center will handle all donor questions and customer service.


Orders placed on our secured website will keep your donors information confidential.


Organization Administrators have full access to sales reports and maintain control over the campaign to approve all pavers via our website.


Mark Your Selection From One Or More Of The Following Packages

1 Sq Ft. Blank Pavers Custom Engraved Paver Custom Engraved Paver
With Logo
Custom Engraved Paver
Custom Design, Logo or Lettering


Package Descriptions

Base Price**

Set your Price*

Foundation Profit*

A: 1 sq ft non-engraved pavers:

These will be needed for filler
and possible cuts.

 $5.00  $15.00  $10.00

B: 1 custom engraved paver:

4 lines with maximum 12 characters per line.

 $25.00  $75.00  $32.50

C: 1 custom engraved paver with
standard placement logo

2 lines with a maximum of 7 characters and

2 lines with a maximum of 12 characters

 $30.00  $100.00  $50.00

D: 1 custom engraved paver with
approved design, logo or lettering

(Legacy Paving Stone art department
approval required)

May be part of a larger layout or design
consisting of many custom pavers.

$40.00   $100.00  $60.00


All of our packages include the cost of the paving stone. Blank spaces count as a character.

* These are suggested prices only, the price you set will help determine the amount of funds you can raise for your organization. This graph is merely a guide and your actual profit may vary depending on installation, transaction, promotion material and other misc. costs your organization may incur.

Free standard marketing materials are available or custom campain items can be created at a low cost- A 3% payment processing fee will be deducted from total sales amounts.